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Life is not just #000000 #ffffff

Chuck Norris doesn't need a garbage collector because he doesn't run .Dispose(), he runs .DropKick().

Linux will never be the most installed operating system, considering how often you have to reinstall Windows!
If you smile about that, then you'll probably find that classic IT job descriptions are not your thing. Would you like to not only get to know all levels of a modern cloud-based architecture, but actively participate in shaping it right from the start?

We are Wheego - a mobility service provider operating nationwide with headquarters in Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia. We offer our customers flexible mobility solutions in both the private and commercial sectors in both passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles. Our goal is to digitalize the car rental industry. In doing so, we rely on a modern technology stack that you can help shape at every level. Among others, web apps, Java services, KeyCloak IDM and DevOps with cloud deployment are foreseen. A solid architecture and a good developer experience is important to us, both technically and organizationally.

We have a vision and need your creative input, your technical expertise and your ideas to make our vision of future mobility clickable and "tangible" for people in Germany and Europe.

To build up the corresponding IT team, we are looking for new Java Developers across Germany with a broad range of experience who are enthusiastic about the following topics and have experience in them:

  • Backend development with Java, preferably also with frameworks such as Spring Boot or Quarkus. For some services, Go, Rust etc. can also be options, we are undogmatic about that.
  • Front-end development with HTML/CSS/Javascript - the latter gladly generated from Typescript, Svelte, Elm, or similar. Practical experience with Angular, React, Vue or other JS frameworks is of course an advantage.
  • Deployments with Linux, container virtualization, cloud IaaS/PaaS, Kubernetes, service meshes, etc.
  • IDM, ideally with KeyCloak.
  • CI/CD with Git and Gitlab, Jenkins or similar.
  • Soft Skills: teamwork and communication are important to us, because no one can do it all by themselves, as well as enjoying regular contact with partners and customers to understand the people we are building the system for.

Creativity needs space and trust. That's why we believe in flexible working hours/location, as well as the opportunity to join us early and still not have to start from scratch. Taking gerne responsibility and setting the course for the future, but not being left alone with it. To be one of the first in a young, friendly, powerful team that creates the technical basis for the digital reinvention of an entire industry. Targeted and individual development opportunities at specialist and project level give you a long-term perspective.

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