wheego FlexAbo - Subscription Advantages

  • everything included except refueling
  • Germany-wide delivery
  • as good as new vehicles guaranteed
  • no starting fees
  • immediate availability
  • flexible subscription terms
  • 1 month minimum term
  • cancelable at any time
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Welcome to Wheego Mobility - your car subscription expert.

Discover the future of individual mobility with our innovative car subscription service. At Wheego, we offer you the opportunity to rent a vehicle in a flexible and uncomplicated way without having to make a long-term commitment. Whether you need a car for private or business purposes - our car subscription adapts to your needs.

Why buy a car when you can simply rent it? With our car subscription, you enjoy all the benefits of owning a vehicle without the financial burden and commitments of buying a car. You have the freedom to choose the right vehicle model and can use it for as long as you need it. At the same time, you benefit from transparent and fair pricing that covers all costs such as insurance, maintenance and taxes.

Our extensive vehicle portfolio offers you a wide choice of modern and reliable cars. Whether you are looking for a compact city runabout, a spacious family car or a luxurious vehicle for special occasions - you will find the right car at Wheego. With regular vehicle maintenance and first-class customer service, we ensure that your driving experience is always optimal.

To give you maximum flexibility, we make it easy to book your car subscription online. You can customise your booking and have the option to choose different durations and mileage packages. This gives you full control over your costs and allows you to adapt the car subscription perfectly to your needs.

Discover the benefits of a car subscription now and start your individual mobility experience with Wheego Mobility. Visit our website and learn more about our offers and conditions. If you have any questions, our competent staff will be happy to help.

Wheego Mobility - your smart choice for car subscriptions.