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wheego SHARE - affordable car sharing offers with free registration


You don't yet know how many kilometers you will drive? You don't want to spend hours trying to find the cheapest car rental or carsharing deal? Are you stuck with the intransparent offers from car sharing companies and the wide range of rental car providers with very different service levels? At the end of the day you don't want to experience an unexpected and very expensive surprise for excessive fuel costs or being charged high damages costs when you return the car? Then with wheego SHARE we have the best, easiest and cheapest solution for you. With wheego SHARE you choose the right car for the desired period - of course at the low wheego price with maximum transparent information on the offer.

And everything is completely uncomplicated via the wheego app - create your booking with just a few clicks and you can simply get on and drive off comfortably.

Regardless of whether you need a wheego car immediately in car sharing or whether you want to reserve your car or van in advance - with wheego all this is possible without any problems.

At wheego SHARE you get everything you expect from your preferred mobility provider. Driving off immediately is just as possible as making a vehicle reservation in advance, wheego is your car and your truck and van rental partner, wheego offers you long-term rentals or special offers for commercial customers and corporate customers. So wheego offers you everything that you already know from other rental car providers and a lot more on top. Because wheego SHARE is completely digital for you, contactless, available around the clock at any time, anywhere near you and of course at the lowest price.

Refueling and charging is of course also included in the offer - you simply use the fuel and charging card stored in the vehicle and you can use it to refuel free of charge at any of our wheego partner petrol stations. We guarantee you coverage of over 99% of all petrol stations in Germany and more than 44,000 charging points.


Your wheego SHARE benefits


  • With wheego SHARE you get transparent and particularly favorable prices - no tariff jungle, because with every booking you can see all the offer details at a glance, such as the kilometers included in the price or the costs for additional kilometers
  • no matter whether you want a car or a van in car sharing for short-term rental from 1 minute, for 4 hours, for 1 day or 3 days, for a weekend, for 1 week or several weeks or 14 days or in long-term rental from 28 days, for 1 month or up to 3 months - wheego has the right offer for every period of use
  • At wheego you will quickly find the right vehicle: we offer you a clear and understandable product range with 9 vehicle groups
  • In addition to cars of all sizes such as micro cars, small cars, station wagons, compact and midsize cars, we offer small and large vans for every rental requirement. Whether a weekend trip, short trip, city break, vacation trip, relocation or furniture transport - wheego always has the perfect vehicle for your needs
  • wheego offers you fairness and transparency and no excessive fees or high bills for refueling - because only with wheego refueling and charging are already included in your rental price
  • Whether in car sharing (wheego SHARE) or in car rental (wheego RENT), you can always book your wheego product very quickly and easily and all content and conditions are presented as transparently as possible for you.
  • you book easily and conveniently via the wheego app and get the cheapest price and the best service like all of our wheego customers
  • Traditional car rental is no longer state of the art - we are completely digital and bring car rental and car sharing into the fast lane. We have said goodbye to paper and save you time and resources because simple processes and sustainability are important to us and we can offer you the best and cheapest prices
  • Whether as a private customer or for commercial customers such as freelancers, self-employed, craftsmen or medium-sized companies - we have the right offer for every customer and also the right payment options such as credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, payment on account, bank transfer or via SEPA direct debit.


Car sharing and van sharing - renting cars and vans in sharing


  • wheego SHARE combines many years of experience in the areas of rental cars, car sharing, mid term and long term rental and mobility solutions with modern and particularly innovative offers
  • We keep you mobile anytime and anywhere near you and offer you the best service at attractive and affordable prices. And that 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • For shorter rentals of a few minutes, hourly rentals, weekly rentals, long-term rentals and monthly rentals, we always offer you the best product and the cheapest prices for car sharing


Risk of damage in car sharing - how safe am I from being charged for damage that I did not cause myself?


Damage has always been a sensitive issue when it comes to vehicle rentals. Everyone knows for example the feeling when you return your rental car at the end of your vacation and then wait with excitement to see whether it will be returned without any problems. Some customers have also had particularly bad experiences and had to pay for damage that they had not caused.

Only with wheego - guaranteed no liability for damage that you did not cause.
At wheego SHARE, we have set ourselves the goal of assigning all damage to the correct user. To do this, we use AI-based technology that detects damage and always assigns it to the right customer based on the point in time. This is the only way to ensure that no one wrongly receives a claim invoice and that we can always fulfill the wheego performance promise to be “transparent, cheap and fair”.

Why is the wheego technology for damage detection so special?
Anyone who has ever rented a car in car sharing knows the feeling. No employee is present at the handover and return. You park the car or van at the end of its usage time in the station or the car sharing zone, end the rental and assume that there will be no more problems.
However, customers of other mobility providers - whether car rental companies or car sharing users - have reported to us that they were often billed for damage that they felt they had not caused themselves.
The reasons for this can be that damage was caused to the parked vehicle, e.g. in a parking lot, between the end of the usage time of the last customer and the start of the rental period of the next customer. Or the vehicle was not carefully examined at the start of use and damage that had previously been on the vehicle was overlooked.
If a customer who did not cause the damage receives an invoice for this damage, it is of course extremely annoying.

Therefore, only with wheego you can be sure that you do not have to pay for damage caused by others.


Frequently asked questions about wheego SHARE (FAQ)


Get a lot more useful information about wheego SHARE in our FAQ area. There we have summarized and answered frequently asked questions from our wheego customers for you.

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