wheego RENT locations

wheego is your new mobility service provider in Germany, Europe and soon worldwide.
With wheego RENT, wheego SHARE and our subscription model wheego AUTO ABO, we offer you exactly the right solution for your mobility needs.

You will find wheego RENT locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Duesseldorf, Duisburg and Mannheim and soon also in Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne and in many more cities of the the Rhine and Ruhr area as well as in many other cities and regions in Germany. It doesn't matter whether you need a micro car, a car or a van, whether you only want to drive a vehicle for a few minutes or hours, or whether you need mobility for a longer period of time - wheego always has the right offer for you. And best of all: with wheego, refueling or charging is already included in your wheego SHARE offers!  More transparency and fairness is just not possible.

wheego in Berlin

You will find wheego RENT in Berlin Neukölln at Lahnstraße 36 and in Berlin Reinickendorf at Scharnweber Straße 134. Book your rental car or van conveniently via wheego-mobility.com. You can rent vehicles in Berlin for as little as 1 minute and up to 90 days. We offer you particularly cheap minute, hour, daily, weekly and monthly rates with free kilometer packages included.
Or you can select our attractive weekend specials between Friday 12.00 (pick up) and Monday 10:00 (return).
So wheego is your perfect partner, regardless of whether you just want to pick up some stuff from a furniture store or a hardware store with your wheego transporter, or whether you use your wheego car for your vacation trip or simply for a weekend trip. And for any rides in the city we recommend our fully electric micro cars. Be individual, be sustainable, be urban! Also if you are visiting Berlin, wheego is the best choice to explore the many highlights of the city.
Berlin is pure sightseeing between the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, the Government district, Victory Column, Zoological Garden, Alexanderplatz, Fernsehturm, Friedrichstrasse, Gendarmenmarkt, Friedrichsstadtpalast, the new National Gallery and the Pergamon Museum.
But Berlin is also full of culture and history - visit the Film Museum, the Anne Frank Center, Computer game museum, the Wall Memorial at Bernauer Strasse, the Zeiss Planetarium or the East Side Gallery.
And Berlin is as well a super sport city with the football Bundesliga teams of Hertha BSC and Union, with the Alba basketball team, the ice hockey cracks of Eisbären Berlin and the handball team Füchse Berlin.
Berlin is also the permanent venue for the DFB Cup final and many other sporting highlights and major events .
Berlin is a top destination in every season!

wheego Malta

Experience now our new wheego destination Malta and take advantage of the cheap "Welcome Malta" offers.
The charming island of Malta is located in the heart of the Mediterranean, just 90 km from Sicily. Malta offers a great variety of sights, culture and nightlife. Look forward to the warm hospitality of the Maltese and enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Valletta, the capital of the island, is under UNESCO protection and offers you many cultural treasures. You will find a wide range of top hotels, restaurants and bars. A visit to the small neighboring island of Gozo is also particularly recommended.


wheego Greece

Picturesque little alleys lined with bright bougainvillea flowers, whitewashed houses with blue domes, turquoise water, Caribbean beaches and spectacular cliffs - your holiday in Greece offers you all this and much more. With your wheego vehicle you can experience the beauties of the country individually and comfortably. There is so much for you to discover both on the mainland like Chalkidiki or Peloponnese and on the islands like Crete, Corfu, Mykonos or Rhodes.

The heart of the country beats in the oldest capital of Europe - Athens. Here, in particular, the fascinating history of the country is omnipresent and can be experienced up close during a visit to the world-famous Acropolis. Exciting insights into the more than 2000-year-old past are offered by numerous buildings of ancient Greece, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Greece is also always worth a trip when it comes to culinary delights. Stuffed vine leaves, tsatsiki, moussaka and pickled sheep's cheese are just a few of the highlights of Greek cuisine and make every gourmet's heart beat faster. Especially on the islands you will find many cozy traditional taverns where you can taste the local delicacies in a relaxed atmosphere.


wheego Cyprus

Turquoise blue water and gorgeous sandy beaches, hot summers and mild winters - Cyprus offers you the perfect backdrop for a relaxing holiday all year round. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia. With a total coastline of 671 kilometers, numerous beaches and stretches of coast are waiting to be discovered by you with your wheego rental car. A trip to Nissi Beach in the south of the island, which many visitors consider to be the most beautiful beach in Cyprus, is particularly recommended.

In addition to its beautiful beaches, Cyprus offers you wild mountain ranges, forest-covered mountains and idyllic bathing lakes. Apart from its impressive nature, the island is also a particularly recommendable holiday tip for culture enthusiasts and history lovers. Our recommendation: Make a trip with your wheego car to the Paphos Archaeological Park. Here you can discover the remains of royal tombs and Roman villas.

And if you fancy a city visit, then a trip to the interesting capital Nicosia is particularly worthwhile.


wheego Morocco

Experience the impressive North African country between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic on your Morocco vacation. Discover with your wheego rental car the enchanting charm of oriental royal cities, which are rich in history and culture with Mediterranean, African and Arabic influences.

The kingdom in north-west Africa is the gateway to 1001 nights. Resonant places like Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier and Fès will impress you with time-honored kasbahs and historic medinas. Let yourself be fascinated by the dazzling dunes of the Sahara, the beautiful sandy beaches and the majestic peaks of the High Atlas. If you would like to learn more about the Arab and Berber hosts during your holiday in Morocco, then we recommend a visit to one of the atmospheric souks, whose variety of colours, smells and sounds is a real pleasure for your senses.

wheego Iceland

Iceland is the largest volcanic island in the world and the perfect travel destination for all nature lovers and active vacationers. The island offers black sandy beaches, impressive ice caps, dramatic fjords, volcanic craters and endless lava fields - and many of these are only a short drive away with your wheego rental car. Many Iceland visitors are often overwhelmed by the varied landscape, which can be explored within a few hours via fantastic routes. Even if you are staying in Reykjavík you can easily do day trips from there.


wheego Türkiye

For many travellers, Türkiye is one of the absolute top travel destinations. The country between Orient and Occident impresses in so many ways: wonderful landscapes, the wealth of culture and history, the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and the special hospitality of the locals make the country so unique. The culinary delights are also well-known beyond national borders and are particularly popular with holidaymakers. Whether you choose a city tour or a beach holiday: During your trip to Türkiye you will definitely experience unforgettable moments with your wheego car!


wheego Serbia

Serbia is still a blank slate for many travellers, but the very interesting and touristically largely undiscovered country has much more to offer than you might imagine! So pack Serbia on your travel bucket list! Here are some highlights that you definitely shouldn't miss when visiting Serbia.
Natural treasures, vibrant cities, monasteries and monuments: Serbia offers you numerous and varied attractions and sights.
The capital Belgrade with over 1.3 million inhabitants is usually the starting point for trips to Serbia. Belgrade is a vibrant city but not too confusing, always exciting and new, sometimes chaotic but somehow quickly familiar. Belgrade offers you many magnificent vantage points, street art, parks and a great promenade. And Belgrade also has the reputation of being the party capital of Europe and the nightlife is really impressive. In summer this takes place mainly on the rivers and there on houseboats that have been converted into clubs.
In the evenings everyone in Belgrade meets in the elevated Kalemegdan park.
And then it's out of the city in your wheego car to discover the country, here are our top recommendations for your route:
Be active with boat tours and canyoning in Tara National Park in the mountainous western part of Serbia.
Visit the Petrovaradin Fortress within walking distance of downtown Novi Sad overlooking the Danube.
Enjoy the unspoilt nature: the breakthrough of the Danube through the Carpathian Mountains is known as the Iron Gate. The borderland with Romania is considered to be one of the most beautiful parts of Serbia.
Pure relaxation: Serbia offers you 53 thermal baths. The hottest springs in Europe can be found in Vranjska Banja near Vranje, which is in the very south of the country.
So if you want to discover authenticity, untamed nature and picturesque cities, Serbia is the perfect place for you.

wheego Poland

Since Poland joined the European Union in 2004 at the latest, the number of visitors has skyrocketed: the beautiful country with almost 40 million inhabitants is now recording strong growth in tourism every year.
No wonder, since Poland offers a true variety for every type of holiday. Whether relaxing on the beach of the Baltic Sea or winter sports in the south of the country - Poland offers something for everyone. A relaxing vacation lasting several weeks or a city trip over the weekend, Poland fulfills all needs.
The largest cities in the country, Warsaw, Kraków, Gdansk or Wroclaw offer everything a city traveler could wish for: shopping, culture, impressive architecture and above all: friendly and sincere people.

If you have booked a car with wheego, you don't have to commit yourself to just one destination and can discover cities, beaches and culture on the same trip.

A special tip is Kraków, with its almost 800,000 inhabitants, the second largest city in the country. There is so much to see here that Kraków is still known as the secret capital of Poland. Gorgeous gothic palaces, impressive churches and medieval castles - Kraków is truly a beautiful city. Visit Poland and be impressed!e.


wheego Czech Republic

We would like to recommend the Czech Republic to all experienced wheegonauts and all new wheego customers who are looking for a special holiday destination. When you think of the Central European country, many of you probably first think of the magnificent and lively capital Prague. However, the Czech Republic offers far more possibilities for all interests and activities. Look forward to a centuries-old bathing culture, stroll through historic old towns, marvel at the many impressive castles or enjoy the world-famous Czech beers. With your wheego car, untouched natural landscapes await you, which invite you to an exciting active holiday.


wheego Albania

Albania is not yet on the travel list of many travellers, because the small Balkan country is still considered an insider tip and offers. So take advantage and be one of the pioneers to visit this beautiful country, it offers holidaymakers sun, beach and sea for little money.
Almost untouched, dreamlike coastlines, pristine beaches along the Ionian and Adriatic Seas, breathtaking mountains, castles and ancient ruins shrouded in legend - Albania is an often underestimated travel destination that has countless adventures and treasures in store and at the same time offers perfect conditions for a relaxing beach holiday.

Beach holidaymakers can look forward to turquoise water, many small islands and pretty fishing villages that invite you to relax. The coast in the southwest of the country is also known as the Albanian Riviera. One of the most beautiful bathing resorts there is Ksamil, which pleases all guests with crystal clear water. Active travelers can choose from many exciting activities, such as kayaking, rafting, hiking, mountain biking or paragliding. And those interested in culture will also get their money's worth in Albania with the countless historical sites.

The lively capital of Tirana is surrounded by trees and mountains. Here, Mount Dajit offers an unforgettable view of the city. Our special tip: A trip with the wheego car to the Albanian Riviera: Dhërmi, located between the towns of Vlore and Saranda, is one of the top beaches that will convince you with its crystal clear water.



wheego Slovakia


Slovakia is right in the heart of Europe! With only 5.5 million inhabitants, Slovakia is not really big, but it is particularly rich in culture and beautiful landscapes and, above all, a real insider tip. You can definitely spend an unforgettable time in Slovakia! Bratislava is not only the largest city in the country, but also the capital of Slovakia and in a very special way unique! Because Bratislava is the only capital in the world that is located directly on two national borders, namely Austria and Hungary. The cultural diversity that you will find here is correspondingly large. In many streets and squares in the city center there are still beautifully preserved buildings. The narrow streets invite you to stroll and some feel transported back to the Middle Ages. But Bratislava is also pure variety. A state-of-the-art building made of glass and steel awaits you around the next corner, Bratislava is full of surprises and combines old and new in a particularly interesting way. Getting there is also comfortable and easy. Bratislava Airport has very good international connections and the wheego rental station awaits you there. By the way, you will find other wheego stations in the city of Bratislava and in Kosice. We recommend that you start your Slovakia trip in Bratislava, discover the lively city first and then explore the whole country with your wheego rental car. Slovakia consists of more than 40% forests, making it one of the most forested countries in Europe. When driving your wheego rental car, you can quickly and easily reach the country's 9 national parks, picturesque hiking trails, small waterfalls in romantic forests and beautiful views from mountain peaks. 

Our special wheego travel tip: Explore the High Tatras with your wheego rental car. Numerous hiking trails with a total length of around 600 km and 22 cycle paths run through the national park. Most of them can be reached all year round and invite you to enjoy the untouched nature.



wheego Romania


Romania is probably not in everyone's top 10 next travel destination bucket list. But that is completely wrong, because the EU country on the Black Sea has a lot to offer for all travellers. Untouched, beautiful landscapes with countless palaces and castles, villages where time seems to have stood still, fantastic beaches on the Black Sea and the vibrant metropolis of Bucharest - Romania is a perfect travel destination for everyone who is looking for nature and culture on their vacation. Bucharest is now one of the trendiest cities in all of Europe. A metropolis on the border between old and modern, between culture and lifestyle. No matter whether you are interested in art or want a party holiday. Bucharest is so individual and diverse that there is more than enough to experience for everyone!
The home of Dracula also offers all visitors a lot of castles and palaces, which are often threateningly close to adventurous steep slopes and the sight of which has a very special effect.

Our special wheego tip: Enjoy the ride with your wheego rental car along the Danube. There Romania offers a lot of variety and diverse scenarios such as the scenic Carpathians, the Black Sea coast and the Danube Delta, the largest and best preserved river delta in Europe.



wheego Spain (mainland)

Spain is a popular destination known for its rich history, vibrant culture, stunning architecture, delicious cuisine and beautiful landscapes.

From the bustling streets of Madrid to the sandy beaches of the Costa del Sol, there is something for everyone in Spain. Visitors can explore the Gothic architecture of Barcelona, for example, or stroll the medieval streets of Toledo.

Spain is also famous for its flamenco dancing, bullfighting, and festivals like La Tomatina and the Running of the Bulls. Whether you're looking for a vibrant city experience or a relaxing beach vacation, Spain has it all.

wheego Florida

Florida is one of the most popular destinations in the United States. Known for its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, theme parks and diverse wildlife, Florida additionally attracts visitors with the magic of Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando.

Sunbathing on the famous beaches of Miami or watching alligators and manatees in the Everglades National Park is certainly among the must-dos on the bucket list for many travel enthusiasts.

In addition, Florida is home to numerous cultural attractions such as the Kennedy Space Center, the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, and the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami.

With its warm weather, lively atmosphere and numerous attractions, Florida is a popular destination for just about everyone. Singles, couples, families with children, retirees and basically anyone who wants to have a fun and exciting vacation.

wheego Korsika

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, the island of Corsica is a popular destination for those seeking a mix of breathtaking nature and rich cultural heritage. With its rugged coastline, crystal clear waters and lush forests, Corsica is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise, offering activities such as hiking, swimming, snorkeling and much more.

Visitors can also explore the island's rich history, including the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, the ancient citadel of Calvi, and traditional villages scattered throughout the island.

Corsica is also known for its delicious cuisine, which blends Italian and French flavors and includes dishes such as charcuterie, seafood and Corsican cheese. With its unique blend of beauty, culture and cuisine, Corsica is a must visit for any Mediterranean traveler.