wheego FlexAbo advantages:

  • Maximum flexibility

    With a car subscription, you have the full flexibility to adapt your mobility to your needs. You can book additional vehicles or cancel your subscription and organise the period of use individually.

  • No long-term commitment

    With a Flex Auto subscription, you are not tied to long-term contracts. You can use the vehicles for the time you need and adapt them to meet the changing demands of your needs.

  • Transparent cost structure

    With a FlexAbo, you retain full cost control. A monthly fee usually covers all costs such as insurance, maintenance and repairs. This gives you clear budgeting and better cost control.

  • Variety of vehicles

    We have a large selection of vehicles available for you immediately. Whether you need a small car or a van, you'll always find the right vehicle to suit your needs.

  • Efficient administration

    With our FlexAbo, we take care of professional vehicle management and administration for you. You benefit from services such as regular maintenance, tyre changes and support with insurance and damage claims. So you have more time for other things.

  • Always Up-To-Date

    With our FlexAbo, you always have access to modern vehicles with the latest technologies and safety features. This ensures that you always leave a professional and up-to-date image.

The wheego car subscription offer - your benefits  

You can rent, lease, buy a car - or subscribe now. The car subscription is the easiest and most uncomplicated way to get your new vehicle and especially advantageous if you want full cost control and want to be mobile with little effort. It's that easy: You only pay the agreed monthly rate which covers all services except for the fuel costs. The car subscription is our “all-round carefree package” for your mobility. No longer you have to worry about insurance, taxes or maintenance.

wheego - because subscription is simply clever!

Regardless of whether you are a private or corporate customer, or whether you need one vehicle or more, we always have the right mobility solution for you.

Your car subscription benefits at a glance  

  • You have full cost control. Registration, insurance, vehicle tax, tire purchase, maintenance costs, TÜV / AU fees are already included in the monthly rate.
  • You are driving a new / as good as new vehicle. No high acquisition costs and no residual value risk.
  • It's your choice. We offer a wide range of vehicle models from various manufacturers.
  • You stay flexible. We offer you short contract periods starting from 3 months.
  • You save time and money. Easy and quick registration with no entry fee.
  • You are instantly mobile. Your vehicle is usually ready for you after just 7 days.
  • You value top service: We would be happy to deliver your subscription car to your doorstep at a fair price.
  • You go new ways without risk. Just test hybrid or electric cars.
  • Your mobility needs are changing? No problem! With short terms (with us from only 3 months) you always remain flexible and can choose the right car subscription. From the small car that fits in (almost) every parking space to the comfortable station wagon for your vacation trip to the van for your move or for your business - simply adapt your car subscription to your needs.
  • Do you like your subscription car? We are happy to offer you a purchase option for many models after the end of the contract.
  • Do you need more leeway? We offer you fair inclusive kilometer packages tailored to your needs.
  • Don't you want to stop? Since you are always traveling with new vehicles / vehicles that are as good as new with us, the risk of a car breakdown is very low.
  • Don't want to take a step back? Your no-claims discount with your car insurance will not be downgraded if you have an accident with the subscription car.

wheego - Subscription. Rent. Go! Driving a car is that easy today.  

And if, as a corporate customer, you only need mobility for a few weeks, we offer you inexpensive long-term specials from a rental period of 28 days as an alternative to our car subscription with the Super Flex offer. It doesn't matter whether you need one vehicle, several cars or a pool vehicle solution for your company. Please contact your wheego service team for business customers.

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Email: business@wheego-mobility.com