wheego is your flexible and affordable mobility partner for every need

Among the mobility providers there are many different car rental companies, rental car providers, van rental companies, car subscription providers, leasing companies and car sharing providers. You can rent, share, subscribe or lease a car from them - but there are hardly any providers who conveniently offer you all products from a single source. We at wheego are convinced - only with us you get a transparent offer for cars and vans at an affordable price for all your mobility needs, regardless of whether in car sharing (wheego SHARE), in car rental with stations (wheego RENT) or in long-term rental or car subscription (wheego AUTO ABO).

It couldn't be cheaper and more transparent than renting a car with wheego. Just simply choose whether you want to rent a vehicle in RENT, SHARE or AUTO ABO. Start the ride for minutes, days, weekends, weeks or up to 24 months.

Your wheego RENT benefits

  • you can book conveniently via the website, by phone or directly at a wheego location
  • you pick up your vehicle at a wheego location near you
  • you benefit from the transparent and particularly low prices - no tariff jungle
  • Our clear and understandable offer with 9 vehicle groups helps you to find the right mobility solution very quickly - regardless of whether you need a car or a van
  • wheego offers you cars of all sizes such as fully electric micro cars, economy cars, station wagons, compact cars and middle class cars as well as various vans
  • You stay flexible with us, because wheego enables you to cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before the booked starting time

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Your wheego SHARE benefits

  • Register easily, conveniently and free of charge in just a few steps using the wheego app
  • Book your dream vehicle very easily via the app
  • Just drive off immediately and rent your wheego car up to 30 days
  • Benefit from our affordable hourly and daily packages - 100% tailored to your mobility needs
  • Start you journey in one of the wheego sharing zones at the airports or in the wheego business area in your city
  • We have already compared for you - our prices are guaranteed cheap, fair and transparent
  • You have the choice: wheego suits all your vehicle and mobility needs: wheego offers you many different vehicle groups from fully electric Microcars to cars of different classes to multi-seaters and various van groups 
  • Refueling and charging is already included in the price at wheego SHARE
  • The network of wheego filling station partners includes more than 99% of all filling stations in Germany and over 44,000 charging points

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Your wheego AUTO ABO / subscription benefits

  • the car subscription is the particularly flexible and inexpensive alternative to long-term rental, a leasing vehicle or your own vehicle
  • At guaranteed low prices, calculable and without risks for the depreciation of your own vehicle
  • And only with wheego you get exactly the flexibility you need: from 3 months up to 24 months we offer you a wide variety of options
  • Choose easily the kilometers that exactly match your monthly needs
  • Select conveniently your dream vehicle - with detailed information on equipment and consumption and - unlike other long-term rental offers - you receive exactly the vehicle you have booked and not just a comparable or similar car.
  • the wheego car subscription is the ideal solution for long-term mobility needs - both for private customers or commercial customers / corporate customers
  • Book now your dream car very easily and conveniently via the wheego website
  • Our English speaking wheego team is available for you in case you need any additional information
  • Beside other payment options, also payment on account is possible if the creditworthiness is appropriate

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